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Black Church Website Platform

Let Us Take Care of Finding Fresh Content to Post Onto Your Social Media Pages

We'll find new and relevant content for your fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Just $9000 / network / mo + 15% of your click budget

Content Curation

We work with you to identify sources of quality content that related to your audience and who provide consistently updated streams of information. We automatically queue and post that content to your networks.

Content Consultation
Content Source Research
Source Approval

3 Major Social Networks

Ever piece of quality content we find is posted on up to three social networks at the same time, providing all of your fans and followers the same information to interact with and share, building your community one post at a time.

Facebook Posting
Twitter Posting
LinkedIn Posting

Monthly Evaluation & Adjustment

Content sources come, go, and change. So, each and every month, we assess each content source for relevance and continued quality. If a source stops being helpful for any reason, we find a new one to replace it.

Monthly Review
Content Source Replacement
Social Marketing Consulting

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